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Technician Aids

Cable Ties

Tekvend offers a wide variety of cable ties for your service technicians' needs. We offer cable ties in four varieties, in various lengths and colors: plain (one time use), marker (one time use, with writeable header), releasable (can be used again), and velcrose (hook and loop). Cable ties of 4" length have a test strength of 18 lbs. Cable ties of 8" and 12" length have a test strength of 50 lbs. Colors vary by size and type, but are typically clear, black, blue, green or red. Unless otherwise indicated, cable ties are sold 100 per pack.

For immediate purchase through Google Checkout, select the cable ties desired. If you don't see what you need, press the Call Me button above to call us for free.

To order more than one pack of a particular cable tie, change the quantity in your cart, viewable from this page. The minimum total order is $15.00.

Plain Ties
Marker Ties
Release Ties
Velcrose Ties

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