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Product Overview

•  Print Vending with Card Value
The TCPrint print vending card system consists of a magnetic card reader/encoder called the TCRS, and a Windows-based software package called CPPS. This hardware/software system vends print images against value stored on reusable or throwaway magnetic stripe cards. It is very simple to install and use.

The CPPS software runs on all Windows PCs (Windows 2000 and above, dotnet 2.0 or higher installed). It determines the value of all print jobs sent to any locally installed printer it is set to monitor, and pauses those print jobs in a queue for later release against card value payment.

The CPPS software is not network-based. No server-based software is needed, nor is any installed. Instead, CPPS is installed as a service on any PC where a locally installed printer is to be monitored, and on any PC where users will be sending print jobs to or from that PC.

Even though CPPS is a service, it is easily administered though an "Administrator only" interface.

Note that when users print to a networked printer (monitored locally by CPPS), they will still be charged for those print jobs, but they will be charged for them at the PC where they are sitting, not at a print server or print release station.

The CPPS software can be downloaded for evaluation. In evaluation, a thumbdrive is used in lieu of a TCRS card reader. There is no charge for the CPPS software.

•  Key Markets Supported
If you have a small number of client PCs printing to say one multifunctional copier/printer (MFP), and you want an easy way to charge for printing, then the TCPrint print vending card system is the ideal solution.

The TCPrint print vending card system is a perfect fit for shipping stores (like UPS stores), internet cafes, hotel/motel office centers, and retirement communities. Nevertheless, the TCPrint system is completely scalable, and will work perfectly well with large numbers of printers and client PCs.

•  Copy Vending Uses Same Cards
To charge for copies made on the same MFP whose print jobs from client PCs are being charged for by TCPrint, you only need attach a TC11N card reader to that MFP. The TC11N is then keyed to use the same cards that the TCRS card readers attached to the client PCs use.

•  Cards Easily Revalued
Reuseable (plastic) cards can easily be revalued, either on a TCRS or TC11N card reader, using a special Administrator card. The total amount of card revaluation a card reader performs is stored on the reader, and is unerasable.

An Administrator card also stores settings for the card reader to which it belongs.

•  Other Card Types Supported
The TCPrint print vending card solution supports the use of other "purse enabled" card types, specifically chip cards and RFID cards, like Mifare and Prox cards. Call us for information and pricing on the readers and cards needed.

•  Four Copy and Print Type Prices Supported
You can charge up to four different prices for up to four different print types with the CPPS software. Those four types are B&W Small, B&W Large, Color Small and Color Large. You can also charge up to four different prices for up to four different copy types (the same as above), using the TC11N card reader.

•  Works With All Printers/MFPs
The CPPS software correctly monitors print jobs sent to all brands of printers and MFPs in all the major printer languages.

•  No Limit on Number of Printers Monitored
The CPPS software can be configured to monitor as many printers as are locally installed on a PC where CPPS is installed.

No license keys based on number of print servers, number of monitored printers, or time used are needed. The CPPS software is free: you pay only for the card readers and cards purchased.

•  Multiple Languages and Money Types Supported
The CPPS software currently supports the English, French, Spanish, Swedish, Danish, Italian and German languages.

CPPS also supports the monetary symbols for the Euro, the Dollar, the Pound Sterling, and the Krone, as well as no symbol. If desired, vending prices can be managed as units, as opposed to decimal representations of money.

•  Thin Clients Supported
The CPPS software can be installed on thin client PCs.

•  Everything Included
The TCRS comes standard with its own 24 VDC power supply. It also ships with a "USB to serial" adaptor harness. To learn how to install this adaptor's Window's drivers, click here.

•  Small Footprint
The TCRS card reader has a small footprint, measuring only 4" x 3.5" x 7", and weighing a mere 2 lb. The CPPS software is supplied on a printed disk, with all documentation.

Buying the TCRS Card Reader
To purchase the TCRS card reader, make your selection below, and press the Add to Cart button. A subsequent "popup" will allow you to select quantity.

The TCRS card reader's power supply and "USB to serial" adaptor harness are included in the price shown.

If you have any questions whatsoever, please give us a call by pressing the Call Me button at the top of this page, or sending us an email.


The TCRS is warrantied against manufacturing defects for a period of one year from date of shipment, to be determined by the serial number displayed on its screen at bootup.

Advanced Technologies (Tekvend) agrees to repair or replace at its discretion any TCRS within the warranty period. Advanced Technologies (Tekvend) agrees to pay ground return shipping and insurance on any warranty repair or replacement.

Advanced Technologies (Tekvend) cannot be responsible for any damage that occurs to product returned to it due to inadequate return shipment procedures. The shipper is responsible for ensuring that return shipment packaging is adequate and that the return shipment is adequately insured.

Advanced Technologies (Tekvend) does not warranty this product for damage caused by abusive use, vandalism, improper installation, and improper field repair.

An extended warranty is available. Inquire about it if needed.

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