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Print-Track Plus

Print Job Tracking, Accounting and Vending Software
Product Overview

Print-Track® Plus™ is one of a suite of software products designed by Advanced Technologies Inc (Tekvend) to control, account for, and vend prints jobs on standalone and networked digital printers and copier-printers (MFPs).

Track, Audit and Vend Prints from All Clients
This revolutionary new printer tracking, accounting and vending software product runs on Windows print servers, and monitors print jobs originating from Windows, Mac OSX and Linux clients.

If you are interested in controlling copying separately, take a look at our copier accounting product Alpha Suite Basic™.

Choice of Databases
Print-Track works on individual PCs, workgroup networks, or Windows domains. It comes with three standard components: Print-Track Server™, Print-Track Client™, and a
Print-Track Database (Access or SQL 2005).

Flexible and Secure Print Release
A variation of Print-Track Client, Print-Track Release Station™ is also available as a sub-licensed client application. It can be used either to account for free but secure printing of paused jobs originating from trusted users, or to facilitate paid vending of paused jobs originating from anonymous users.

Print-Track is a dotnet 2.0 application that runs on Windows 2000, Windows XP Pro, Windows 2003 Server and Windows Vista operating systems. Print-Track Server mounts on PCs where monitored printers are local. Printers with IP ports are considered local.

Print-Track Client can be (but does not have to be) mounted on any networked Windows dotnet 2.0 compliant PC that originates print jobs sent to monitored printers.

Monitor and Print, or Monitor and Pause
Printers can be monitored to account for the value of print jobs which immediately print. Printers can also be monitored to account for the value of print jobs which are then paused for later printing (print release).

Print release can be done either from the print server PC (one PC or kiosk solution), or from another PC. A print release PC is called a print release station.

Pay for Print, or Print for Free, by Client Type
Print jobs sent to a print release station can be (but don't have to be) secured by a temporary password of selectable minimum length. Password secured print jobs sent by trusted users always print for free, but can be accounted for against one or two billing codes. Password secured print jobs sent by anonymous users always require payment (unless a job's value is zero). Payment is done using an ethernet enabled Tekvend cash or card controller.

Mac and Linux Clients Supported
Print jobs sent to a print release station from client computers where Print-Track Client is not installed can print as well, either for free or for money. These so-called nonreporting clients include Mac OSX and Linux computers. Their print jobs are searchable either by logon or computer name.

Custom Paper Sizes Supported
Print jobs are accounted for (valued) according to page size, and by the color and duplex attributes. Any paper size reported can be tracked and valued, even custom sizes.

Print-Track monitors print jobs for document name, logon, printer name, client type, job size, page size, total pages, color, duplex (Word only), and one or two totally independent billing codes.

Job Disallow Rules Supported
Print jobs can be disallowed, based on job size, total pages, job value, and other criteria. Jobs that are queued for release later but not printed can be autodeleted, based on job type.

Because Print-Track uses TCP/IP communication, it works between any two dotnet 2.0 compliant Windows PCs, regardless of network operating system.

Screen shots of Print-Track Server and Print-Track Client can be viewed by clicking on the images to the right. Sample reports and are available below.

Try, Then Buy
Click here or here to download a demo version of Print-Track.
Click here to purchase Print-Track.

Click here to learn more about how Print-Track Release Station works.

Click here to contact us with any questions regarding Print-Track and Tekvend controllers, or press the "Call Me" Button above.

Resellers are welcome to contact us regarding distributing Print-Track.

Features of Print-Track Plus

 •  Pauses and resumes local printers to account for important print job characteristics

 •  Characteristics include document name, originating PC name, client type, logon, destination printer, paper size, color vs B/W, duplex (Word only, in some cases), total pages, job cost, job size, and date and time job submitted (or completed)

 •  Accurately counts total pages for all applications, including Word

 •  Supports all printer languages

 •  Automatically groups multiple copies of Excel spreadsheets in parent-child format

 •  Accurately counts pages for "Nup" or "Nup of Nup" printing for most printers, including Adobe and Web Nup

 •  Allows decimal pricing per print impression to hundredths of a cent, by groups of printers, for color and B/W, for any paper size

 •  Supports all Windows defined standard paper sizes

 •  Supports custom paper sizes reported by MFPs

 •  Built-in duplex discount factor is available

 •  Printers can be monitored for secure release from a Print-Track Release Station™, or monitored for immediate printing after accounting

 •  Secured print jobs are located by an "adjustable minimum length" release password

 •  Secured jobs print for free from private clients

 •  Private client jobs can be billed against one or two billing codes

 •  Secured jobs print for payment from a public client

 •  Public client jobs are paid for using a Tekvend controller

 •  Jobs pending queue view can be limited to a single highlighted printer

 •  Jobs can be reprinted to avoid paying refunds for misprinted "pay" jobs

 •  Jobs can be reprinted to archive print jobs

 •  Jobs pending, jobs completed and jobs kept queues are column sortable by job characteristic

 •  Job queues can be customized to remove unwanted information or to rearrange column order

 •  Job queues can be printed fitted to width, or exported to Excel

 •  Jobs can be automatically deleted for job size, total number of pages, total job cost, and parsing errors, as well as for non-responding client, creation while unmonitored, and length of time in the jobs pending queue

 •  Detailed reports can be sorted for up to eight variables (printer, originating PC, logon, paper size, two billing codes, color and duplex)

 •  Simplified "totals only" reports available (see below)

 •  Numerous custom reports are available

 •  Reports can generated for individual billing codes, such as one client or one matter

 •  Reports can be exported as Excel or PDF files

 •  Open accounting (codes can be entered on the fly) supported

 •  Closed accounting (codes must be pre-entered, typed in or drop-down selected) supported

 •  Billing codes can be named anything

 •  Print-Track Server, Client and Release Station are password protected for connected and unconnected states

 •  Print-Track Client automatically boots at Windows startup and new logon (HKLM)

 •  Client PCs differentiatable by public (anonymous) and private (trusted) statuses

 •  Client statuses can be set globally and individually

 •  Trusted users at private clients can print to any type of monitored printer

 •  Anonymous users at public clients can print only to secure, paused printers, via print release stations, and must pay for their print jobs

 •  Secure printing for zero-value jobs allowable

 •  Billing codes are not universally needed: some or all private clients can print with no or limited cient popup dialog

 •  Print jobs can be accepted from non-reporting client PCs, including Mac and Linux clients

 •  Multiple instances of Print-Track Server can report to a single networkable and password protectable database

 •  Database can be Access or SQL 2005

 •  Many hundreds of printers of all types and job languages have been tested

 •  Print job value can be stated in most any currency

 •  Print-Track is transparent to Windows; no custom port monitors are installed

Features of Print-Track Release Station (PTRS)

 •  No pulse-enable is required or used

 •  no public job starts printing until fully paid for

 •  Jobs are located at the release station by entering a temporary alphanumeric release password of definable minimum length, or another non-secure field such as logon or computer name

 •  Private clients jobs print without payment

 •  Public client jobs require payment, unless job cost is zero

 •  Public client payment can be made with coin, bill, or proprietary magnetic card value

 •  Tekvend™ controller can vend both copies and prints when connected to an MFP

 •  Cash and card controllers can be constrained to vend prints by card only for all print jobs above a certain value

 •  Cash controller use SmartCoin™ technology to escrow last bill inserted when needed, to save change and complete the vend

 •  Individual coin and bill types can be disallowed for print vending

 •  Copy vending by card can be discounted relative to copy vending by cash

 •  Multiple copy prices (up to six) supported for many MFP manufacturers, including Ricoh Aficio, Sharp, Toshiba and Xerox

 •  Print-Track Server and Release Station can run on the same PC in kiosk mode

 •  Print jobs can be reprinted by an Administrator at the release stationin kiosk mode

Sample Reports
The following sample reports are available for download:

 •  Job Log Full, Printed, Sorted by Printer, Machine (Client), Logon [PDF]
 •  Job Log Full, Printed, Sorted by Printer, Logon, Machine (Client) [PDF]
 •  Job Log Full, Printed, Sorted by Logon, Color vs. B/W, Printer [PDF]
 •  Totals, Printed, One Billing Code, Sorted by Department [PDF]
 •  Totals, Printed, One Billing Code, One Department [PDF]
 •  Totals, Printed, Sorted by Printer, Color vs. B/W [PDF]
 •  Totals, Printed, Sorted by Machine (Client), Logon [PDF]
 •  Totals, Printed, Sorted by Machine (Client), Paper Size [PDF]
 •  Totals, Printed, Sorted by Printer, Duplex [PDF]
 •  Totals, Deleted, Sorted by Machine, Printer [PDF]

Licensing and Site Analysis
Print-Track is licensed by the number of monitored printers on an instance of Print-Track Server. Print-Track Release Station is sublicensed by instance of Print-Track Server, and is free with the purchase of a Tekvend controller. Licenses are time based. Purchased licenses are completed via email.

For pending installations, please download our site worksheet. Fill it out, and fax it back to us.

Windows NT, Windows 98, Windows ME and Windows XP Home clients are not supported. Additionally, installation of Print-Track Server includes the installation of dotnet 2.0 and other Microsoft™ files as required.

Installation and Technical Support
We will be glad to work with your IT personnel and/or your local copier/printer supplier over the phone to assure a smooth, quick and successful installation.

We will also be happy to quote on-site installation help.

Email and phone support are available throughout the duration of a Print-Track license.

Vending Controllers
Currently, Tekvend offers seven vending controllers suitable for attachment to a Print-Track Release Station: the M6000L, M6500L, M6506L, M7000L, M7500L, M7506L, and the TDA2L. The first six controllers are identical to the M6xxx and M7xxx controllers, except that they have an ethernet port.

Note that not only can these controllers vend copies and prints on a single copier/printer, but they can also vend prints from other printers. Note also that print vending can be limited to cards only above a certain vend price.

Purchase Print-Track
To purchase Print-Track, make your selection below, and press the Add to cart button. Print-Track is sold per server instance and number of monitored printers, for a specific number of years.

If you wish to monitor more than 10 printers, or if you have any questions whatsoever, please give us a call by pressing the Call Me button at the top of this page.

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 •  PT Plus Demo
 •  Tested Printers
 •  Site Worksheet
 •  Main Manual
 •  PTRS Manual

PDF Data Sheet
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