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P200N Portable Printer  (product obsolete: call if interested)

P200N Manual
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Product Overview

The P200N portable printer is both a fine standalone printer and a perfect companion to the Copicode Alphakeypad controller.

The P200N printer is truly portable, powered by an internal NiCd battery pack. When not in use, the P200N battery pack can be recharged using an external 9VDC wall adaptor (provided).

The P200N is a serial printer, and thus can be hooked up to the COM port of any computer or to any RS232 device.

The P200N is a thermal printer, meaning that it prints very quickly and reliably, since there are no moving parts or ribbons in its print head.

The thermal paper needed is standard-sized, and is very easy to load. Simply drop in a roll, and close the lid. A convenient serrated blade is built in to the paper compartment for easy tearing off of printouts. Double thickness thermal paper can be used when two copies of a printout are needed.

The P200N is easy to program, supports multiple languages, accepts baud rates up to 38,400, and has three internal fonts supporting up to 42 characters across. It comes programmed to work "out of the box" with a Copicode Alpha.

An easy-to-follow color manual is supplied, along with two rolls of thermal paper.


The P200N is warrantied against manufacturing defects for a period of one year from date of shipment, to be determined by the serial number on the back of its housing.

To honor legitimate warranty claims, Advanced Technologies (Tekvend) agrees to repair or replace at its discretion any P200N found to have manufacturing defects within the warranty period specified. Advanced Technologies (Tekvend) additionally agrees to pay ground return shipping and insurance on these warranty repairs or replacements.

Advanced Technologies (Tekvend) cannot be responsible for any damage that occurs to product returned to it due to inadequate return shipment procedures. The shipper is responsible for ensuring that return shipment packaging is adequate and that the return shipment is adequately insured.

Advanced Technologies (Tekvend) does not warranty its product for damage caused by abusive use, vandalism, improper installation, and improper field repair.

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