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PaperCut-MF:  Copy, Print, Scan and Fax Tracking Software
Product Overview

Advanced Technologies Inc (Tekvend) is proud to offer the PaperCut-MF™ solution, a software product designed to track, control, account for, and vend all imaging activity for most major brand MFPs, either on a standalone or networked basis.

  >>Copy, Print, Scan and Fax: we track them all.<<

Total Image Control: A New Way to Control Imaging Costs
Total Image Control™ has finally arrived with PaperCut-MF, a near universally applicable, fully scalable, web based application that tracks and accounts for copies, prints, scans, and faxes. Ideal for the legal, real estate, retirement home, college, library and other similar markets, PaperCut-MF uses "embedded technology" to account for all imaging activity with little or no external hardware.

The Embedded Solution Approach
PaperCut-MF is a "nearly hardware independent" image tracking and accounting solution, because, most of the time, it relies on software embedded in the multifunctional (MFP) itself. No need to purchase expensive copier terminals to identify a walk-up user, or to enter a third party (shared) billing code: the MFP is its own terminal.

PaperCut-MF supports an embedded solution for the following MFP manufacturers, and their variants: Xerox, HP, Konica-Minolta, Kyocera-Mita, Copystar, Lexmark, Ricoh, Savin, Lanier, Gestetner, Sharp and Toshiba.

Click on the appropriate link above to see which models for a specific brand support the PaperCut-MF embedded solution.

If you have any questions about the embedded solution for a specific MFP brand or model, please contact us.

Network Operating System Independent
PaperCut-MF server runs on all the common network operating systems.

  >>Windows, Mac, Linux and Novell: we do them all.<<.

For Windows PCs, PaperCut-MF server and its corresponding client "pop-up" run on all pro versions of Windows, starting with Windows 2000.

Deployment of the PaperCut-MF client "pop-up" software does not require that it be installed on every client PC: you just run the client "pop-up" script once per client PC. Thereafter, a client PC's "pop-up" will run according to whatever version of the "pop-up" is currently installed on the server to which it reports.

Secure and Easy User Identification
By default, PaperCut-MF requires users to identify themselves by username and password each time they want to use an imaging function on an MFP that it controls. Nevertheless, for convenience and speed, users may prefer to identify themselves by "swiping a card." The card might be RFID (Mifare), magnetic stripe, or bar code, and the card's ID information may be encrypted. Additionally, after a user swipes her card, she may want (or need to) enter an additional security (or PIN) code.

Because every card ID system is a little different, a user can train PaperCut-MF the associate a swiped card's output to her username and password. This "self-association of card to person" process is very easy for the user to do, and subsequently reduces a user's MFP logon time to mere seconds.

"Follow Me" Secure Print Release
If a location has two or more identical MFPs using the embedded solution, PaperCut-MF allows a user can go to any one of those MFPs to release his, and only his, print jobs. Users no longer need to stand to line to release print jobs from a release station PC: the MFP is the release station, and a user's print jobs "follow" him.

Additionally, users automatically "load balance" the identical MFPs, depending on demand.

Advanced Client Third Party Billing Supported
PaperCut-MF offers two kinds of client pop-ups (a user print job notification utility resident on a client PC): standard and advanced.

The standard client pop-up is fine for most users (students, residents, real-estate agents), but for others, such as legal staff, the advanced client pop-up is vitally necessary, as it allows attribution of print job cost to a third party, or shared account.

Two instances of the advanced client pop-up come free with every PaperCut-MF license: additional instances of the advanced client must be purchased.

The advanced client pop-up offers additional features over the standard client pop-up, specifically a searchable account list structured hierarchically by main shared account and its sub-accounts, a preferred list of frequently used accounts, a list of recently used accounts, the ability to comment on print jobs, the ability to adjust the cost of a print job, and the choice to not invoice a print job to a third party's account.

Wireless Printing Supported
Included in every licensed instance of PaperCut-MF is a service call Web Print. This service allows authenticated and anonymous users to print to a networked printer from a wired or wireless laptop, netbook, or even smart phone, without first installing the networked printer's driver or port.

Files are uploaded via a web browser page, similar to the method used by Google Docs. Supported file types include pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, and xps. A secondary server with Office 2007 and above previously installed is needed to print Microsoft files.

Internet Usage Control Included
Included in every licensed instance of PaperCut-MF is a service call Internet Control. With this service, authenticated users are charged for using the internet, either by time used, bandwidth used, or both.

This service can be set up to not charge for specific domains or domain types (like Google.com, anything ending in .edu or .gov, etc.), or specific users (like admin, administrator, etc.)

A proxy server, like Squid, Microsoft Proxy Server Version 2.0, etc., must be installed for this service to run properly.

Extensive Customizable Reports Available
PaperCut-MF offers over eighty date-customizable reports regarding imaging activity, including breakdown of user, group, or shared account by copies, prints, scans and faxes. Other reports include printer usage breakdown by job type, largest printing user, and largest print jobs.

Try, Then Buy
To request a full-featured 40 day demonstration version of PaperCut for any network operating system, or to download the full manual, click here.

    >>Forty Day Full-Featured Demo Available<<

If you have any questions regarding PaperCut-MF, feel free to press the
Call Me Button above, or contact us.

Additional Features of PaperCut-MF

 •  Pauses and resumes local printers to account for important print job characteristics

 •  Characteristics include document name, user by logon, destination printer, paper size, color vs B/W, duplex, total pages, job cost, and date & time job submitted

 •  Accurately counts total pages for all applications, including Word

 •  Supports all printer languages, including PS, PCL, RCPS, Raster & GPL

 •  Supports all ANSI defined standard paper sizes

 •  Price discount can be extended if print job is duplexed

 •  Print jobs can be invoiced against a shared account and its sub-account

 •  User value can be replenished using a credit card or "top-up" card

 •  Shared Account quotas can be replenished weekly, monthly

 •  Color printing can be controlled by user group

 •  Print jobs can be watermarked for security, sorting

 •  Manager mode client popup allows adjustment of print job costs

 •  Account value can be transferred from one user to another

 •  PaperCut-MF runs as a web accessible service viewable from any PC

 •  PaperCut-MF is transparent to Windows; no custom print drivers need be installed
Sample Reports
The following sample reports are available for download:

 •  User Breakdown by Copies, Prints, Scans and Faxes, Color vs B/W
 •  Groups Breakdown by Copies, Prints, Scans and Faxes, Color vs B/W
 •  Accounts Breakdown by Copies, Prints, Scans and Faxes, Color vs B/W
 •  Groups Breakdown by Accounts
 •  Accounts Breakdown by User and Job Types
 •  Printer Usage Breakdown by Job Types
 •  Busiest Printers
 •  Single User Prints Log
 •  Largest Print Users
 •  Largest Print Jobs

Licensing and Site Analysis
PaperCut-MF is licensed by the number of users (logons) for a given site. Users are imported by a Windows standard method, or LDAP.

A portion of users can be imported by group, thereby reducing the overall cost of a license. The first year of premium maintenance and guaranteed upgrades is required as part of the purchase price of the initial site license.

Licenses are permanent, though premium maintenance and guaranteed upgrades for a license (after the first year) are not. Purchased licenses are completed via email.

License costs vary depending on the nature of the site (educational institution, corporate offices, law offices), how many embedded or external "devices" are needed, and whether (and how many) advanced client popups are needed.

For pending installations, please download our site worksheet. Please fill it out, and fax it back to us.

Installation and Technical Support
We will be glad to work with your IT personnel and/or your local copier/printer/MFP supplier over the phone to assure a smooth, quick and successful installation.

We will also be happy to quote on-site installation help.

Email and phone support are available throughout the duration of the premium maintenance and upgrades duration of your PaperCut-MF license.

Copier/Printer Terminals
Some MFPs and other imaging devices, like copiers and simple printers, do not accept an embedded solution. For these devices, a user can logon to the PaperCut-MF server by using an external control device called the Copicode-IP.

The Copicode-IP is a keypad device that hooks directly to the local area network (LAN). It can be set up to accept a PIN code in lieu of a username and password. It can also be modified to accept input from magnetic and RFID (Mifare) ID cards. It directly controls copying, and acts as a print release station for print jobs sent to the device to which it is assigned.
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