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M6000 Coin-Op

M6000 CreditVend Copier Controller

Available Options
 •  Premium changer
 •  Floor pedestal
 •  Full body decal
 •  Locking cash box

M6000 Controller Manual
Available for download

M6000 PDF Data Sheet
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Product Overview

The M6000 CreditVendCopier Controller accepts nickels, dimes, quarters, and dollar coins to vend one or more images, depending on the amount of monetary value available.

One price is available for all image types.

The M6000 employs SmartCoin™ technology to ensure that change is always available for every conceivable vending situation.

Foreign coin mechanisms are available for select countries. Please contact us for foreign vending applications.

Electromechanical Features
 •  Two-line backlit user-friendly LCD display
 •  Two pushbutton switches for programming and readouts
 •  Red "message" light
 •  Semi-gloss enamel finish resists marring, scratches
 •  High security tubular housing lock
 •  Bypass keyswitch for free copies
 •  Bent coin return and change request plunger
 •  Large coin return cup
 •  Safe 24 VAC external power supply included
 •  Standard copier specific harness (sprig) included
 •  Large cash box ($900 capacity)
 •  Single board, single chip design
 •  Premium changer has double the change capacity

Software Features
 •  SmartCoin™ technology assures that change is always available
 •  User-friendly instructions during vending, programming and readouts
 •  Exact change and error messages indicated by red LED
 •  Seamless transition to and from exact change mode
 •  Resettable counter shows copies per original, or copies per transaction
 •  AccumaVend™ technology allows user to add monetary value "on the fly"
 •  Time delay reset (TDR) ensures full copy imaging on last full copy credit
 •  Timeout delay stops cheating after change return request
 •  Readouts show current and total vend and bypass copies by copy type

Technical Specifications
 •  Controller uses safe low voltage (24 VAC)
 •  Controller totally isolated from copier/printer
 •  Controller works on most all copiers and with most copier signals
 •  Fully compatible with Ricoh Aficio, Xerox and Minolta color copiers
 •  Premium changer that accepts Canadian coins available
 •  Two key coin inventory system adds measure of security
 •  Dimensions: 25.5" x 16" x 5.5"
 •  Weight: 42 lb


The M6000 is warrantied against manufacturing defects for a period of one year from date of shipment, to be determined by the serial number on its main board's microchip. Warranties for components of the M6000, if different, supercede this general warranty.

Specifically, the standard MDB changer is warrantied against manufacturing defects for a period of two years from date of manufacture, to be determined from the first four digits of its serial number (wwyy).

Additionally, the optional MDB changer is warrantied against manufacturing defects for a period of two years from date of manufacture, to be determined from the first four digits of its serial number (wwyy).

Advanced Technologies (Tekvend) agrees to repair or replace at its discretion any of the above items within the warranty periods specified for them. Advanced Technologies (Tekvend) agrees to pay ground return shipping and insurance on all warranty repair or replacements.

Advanced Technologies (Tekvend) cannot be responsible for any damage that occurs to product returned to it due to inadequate return shipment procedures. The shipper is responsible for ensuring that return shipment packaging is adequate and that the return shipment is adequately insured.

Advanced Technologies (Tekvend) does not warranty its product for damage caused by abusive use, vandalism, improper installation, and improper field repair. Installer is expected to use the original copier specific harness (sprig) supplied by Advanced Technologies (Tekvend), and install the M6000 on the originally specified copier, unless otherwise authorized.

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