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Alpha Suite Lite™ Copy Tracking Software

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Product Overview

Alpha Suite Lite™ is one of a suite of software products designed by Advanced Technologies Inc (Tekvend) to control and account for copying and printing activity on standalone copiers, networked digital copier/printers (MFPs), and printers.

Unlike its sister product Alpha Suite Basic, Alpha Suite Lite is designed for acquiring usage data from only a small number of Copicode Alphas.

Alpha Suite Lite downloads basic usage data from a Cartadis Copicode Alpha, but does not cross correlate usage data from multiple Copicode Alphas. Alpha Suite Lite is not suitable for use with the ethernet compliant Copicode Alpha-X controller.

Usage data is downloaded via a regular or USB serial connection to a laptop. A regular serial cable is included with the software, but for a USB connection, an optional USB to serial convertor must be purchased.

Downloaded usage data can be copied to clipboard, printed, or exported to Excel. Once usage data is downloaded from an Alpha and saved, it can be erased.

For a full listing of Alpha Suite Lite's software features, download the pdf document to the left.

Buying a License for Alpha Suite Lite
Alpha Suite Lite is licensed per location. A license can only be purchased when also buying a Copicode Alpha (version 2.15).

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If you have any questions whatsoever, please give us a call by pressing the Call Me button at the top of this page, or sending us an email.

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