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Alpha Suite Basic™ Copy Tracking Software
Product Overview

Alpha Suite Basic™ is one of a suite of software products designed by Advanced Technologies Inc (Tekvend) to control and account for copying activity on standalone copiers, and networked copiers (MFPs).

Control and Account for Copying Activity
Alpha Suite Basic is a PC based program that works in conjunction with Copicode Alphaterminals to control and account for copying activity. Alpha Suite Basic manages up to 4300 user codes per copier, and supports up to 999 copiers. Each Copicode Alpha used must have firmware version 2.15.

If you are interested in tracking copying activity on just one copier, consider our sister product Alpha Suite Lite.

Works Serially and Over the LAN
Alpha Suite Basic communicates with Alpha terminals via RS232 serial, USB serial, ethernet, or Palm handheld protocols.

Ethernet communication, local or remote, require a serial to ethernet convertor. Copicode Alpha terminals are fully alphanumeric, just like a computer keyboard.

Segmented Codes Allow 3 Levels of Accounting
User codes can be up to 16 characters in length, and can be segmented into two or three parts for higher levels of accounting. User codes can either be pre-entered for security, or entered "on the fly" for third party billing.

User code names can be up to 25 characters long, and copier names can be up to 16 characters long. User codes and copiers are shown in the application in column sortable tables. Segmented user codes can also be displayed in separate, sortable columns.

Invoice Level Reporting for the Legal Profession
Alpha Suite Basic has extensive reporting capabilities, especially with segmented user codes. Reports are based on readings, and are date range selectable. Individual reports for a user code single segment are also possible: for example, you can generate a report for one user, by client and matter, or one client, by matter and user, where the client, matter and user are segments of a specific user code. These individual reports can function as invoices for third party billing. All reports are fully printable, and exportable to Excel.

Multiple Prices by Copy Type for Select Copier Models
Three different user prompts are available on Alpha and Alpha-X terminals. For copiers supporting multiple pricing schemes, the Alpha and Alpha-X terminals support up to four sets of four prices for four different copy types.

User codes acquired from individual Alpha and Alpha-X terminals are accepted into the Alpha Suite Basic database for possible propagation to other terminals according to a rule set in the program.

Secure Access Database
Data are first read, then collected by Alpha Suite Basic. Serial and Palm connections to Alpha terminals can be autodetected. These data are then placed in the application's Access database. This database can be placed anywhere on a network, be password protected, and be addressable simultaneously by multiple instances of Alpha Suite Basic.

Schedule Maintenance Calls from Copy Activity Data
Copier activity is shown in clicks by copy type, as well as by accumulated value by user code. This activity can be valued in units or money. There is even a collection report which shows which copiers have had data collected from them. Copier activity is used to generate preventative maintenance reports. Data from Alpha-X terminals can be collected locally or remotely [over the Internet], either at will or on a scheduled basis.

User codes can be activated or deactivated individually or in groups.

Flexible Licensing
Alpha Suite Basic is licensed by base cost, plus number of active copiers and active user codes needed. Palm data collection software is usually sold pre-loaded in a Palm Tungsten C handheld or equivalent, and comes with a special cable.

Alpha Suite Basic is designed to run on a Windows PC with a Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003 Server, or Windows Vista operating system.

A number of screen shots from the software can be viewed by clicking any of the thumbnails to the right. Report samples and other documents are also available in the Download section to the right.

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Alpha Suite Downloads
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 •  Help Manual (pdf)
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Alpha Suite PDF Data Sheet
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