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Product Overview

•  Copy and Print Vending with Card Value
The Cartadis TDA2L Copier/Printer Vending Controller is a proprietary magnetic card reader/encoder that vends images against value stored on reusable or throwaway magnetic stripe cards.

•  Cards Can Easily Be Revalued
A special Administrator card can be used to initialize and value these user cards, and to set control parameters and prices.

User cards can also be initialized and revalued using Print-Track Client, an M7xxx coin-op controller, or a special card reader called the TC4N.

•  Four Copy Type Prices Supported
Depending on copier/printer make and model, and copier control mode selected, individual prices for up to six different copy types are supported. All print types, specified by paper size and color attributes, can be individually priced, using Print-Track Server.

•  Copier Privileges Determined by Group
Copier/printer use privileges can be controlled, using group numbers stored both on the user cards and in the TDA2L controller.

•  Comes with Bypass Keyswitch
Free copies can be made, using a bypass keyswitch.

•  Usage Statistics Easily Downloaded
Usage statistics can be downloaded electronically, using either a laptop or a network connection.

•  Everything Included
The TD2L comes standard with its own 24 VDC power supply. If copy vending is desired, the unit ships with a copier/printer specific sprig at no extra charge.

•  Small Footprint, Generous Warranty
The TDA2L has a small footprint, measuring only 6" x 5" x 9.5", and weighs a mere 7 lb. It comes with a one year (from date of shipment) warranty for manufacturing defects.

•  Many More Features
Additional technical features can be viewed by downloading the data sheet available on the left.

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