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Copicode Alpha-X Keypad Copier/Printer Controller

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Product Overview

•  Fully Alphanumeric Keypad
The Copicode™ Alpha Copier / Printer Controller is a fully alphanumeric keypad controller designed to vend images against accounting quotas associated with users, departments and projects. It is functionaly equivalent to the Copicode Alpha™, but is ethernet compliant.

•  Expandable Memory
The Alpha-X comes standard with approximately 1500 codes, but can be easily expanded in multiples of 1500 codes, up to a maximum of over 6000 codes.

•  Multi-Level Accounting
The Alpha-X supports two and a half levels of accounting [with the optional P200N printer], or three levels of accounting [with Alpha Suite Basic™ software, using segmented user codes].

•  Multiple Prices, Multiple Quotas
The Alpha-X supports individual prices for up to four different image types, depending on copier/printer make and model. The Alpha stores 10 different quotas for limiting imaging activity by user or department.

•  Choice of Accounting Modes
The Alpha-X can be configured for different keypad operation modes. Specifically, it can be set up for open accounting third party (client / matter) billing, a mode favored by the legal profession.

•  Easy to Program
The Alpha-X has four speed buttons and four navigational arrows for quick and easy administrative programming. When used with Alpha Suite Basic software, four sets of prices are supported across a group of copiers.

•  Upload Codes, Download Usage Data
Also, with Alpha Suite Basic, usage statistics can be downloaded, and codes uploaded, manually, or serially (using a laptop or similar device), or over the ethernet (using a hub connection).

•  Lighter Software Version Available
A lighter version of this software, Alpha Suite Lite™, is available, for users who just want to download data from a few copiers via a laptop.

•  Everything Included
The Alpha-X comes standard with its own 24 VDC power supply, but it can run off power from the copier/printer in many cases. It is shipped with a copier/printer specific sprig at no extra charge.

•  Small Footprint
The Alpha-X has a small footprint, measuring only 4" x 4.5" x 7.5", and weighs a mere 2.5 lb. It should be used where there are large number of copiers, and data collection is time consuming.


The Copicode Alpha-X™ is warrantied against manufacturing defects for a period of one year from date of shipment, to be determined by its internal [boot up] serial number.

Advanced Technologies (Tekvend) agrees to repair or replace any Alpha-X shown to have manufacturing defects within its warranty period. Advanced Technologies (Tekvend) agrees to pay ground return shipping and insurance on these warranty repairs or replacements.

Advanced Technologies (Tekvend) cannot be responsible for any damage that occurs to product returned to it due to inadequate return shipment procedures. The shipper is responsible for ensuring that return shipment packaging is adequate and that the return shipment is adequately insured.

Advanced Technologies (Tekvend) does not warranty its product for damage caused by abusive use, vandalism, improper installation, and improper field repair. Installer is expected to use the original copier specific harness (sprig) supplied by Advanced Technologies (Tekvend), and install the Copicode Alpha-X on the originally specified copier, unless otherwise authorized.

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